We make good things.

We work with talented illustrators to produce products that are affordable, accessible, and fun. Take a look!

- artist book -

Wilma and Don, a mysterious & reclusive old couple has recently passed away. It is through objects found at their estate sale that we can uncover the curious pasts and personalities of these individuals.

Illustrators for this project are Sam Kalda, Jordan Sondler, Alex Citrin, Na Kim, Lily Padula, and Elizabeth Graeber.

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- tote bags -

Our 'To Market' line of tote bags were inspired by outdoor farmer's markets, beach trips, and summer time! We use tote bags all the time to carry around all kinds of things and wanted to create our own version that are super sturdy and practical.

Illustrators for this project are Caleb Luke Lin, Tuesday Bassen, Karolin Schnoor, Jessica HJ Lee, and Lesley Barnes.

Screen printed by the lovely folks at VGKids.

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- 5" x 7" prints -

Píccolo is the Italian word for "small," and the inspiration for our Petite Print project! 4 talented illustrators interpreted "small" which were later turned into beautiful 5" x 7" prints.

Illustrators for this project are Yelena Bryksenkova, Michael C. Hsiung, Yehteh, and Paige Vickers.

This project was successfully funded through Kickstarter! Eco-friendly, archival printing by Clubcard Printing.

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We are Píccolo!

We are small, but we are mighty!

Everyone needs things; we may as well have things that we like. Illustrated products are a chance for consumers to express themselves through their choices.

About Lisa

Lisa Perrin is a illustrator, collaborator, educator, mover & shaker. She is originally from a small harbor town on the northern coast of Long Island, but is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is there that she met Sara Barnes while attending graduate school and a small business / adorable friendship began. She goes by her last name professionally where she makes work inspired by her Eastern European roots. When she is not obsessively art-making or dreaming up P�ccolo projects, she is spending time with her beloved rabbit companion, Blanche DuBun.

See more Perrin here: www.madebyperrin.com

About Sara

Sara Barnes is a creative person living in Baltimore, Maryland that loves illustration, web design, and dessert. For the past 3 and a half years, she's maintained the blog Brown Paper Bag. This daily art blog shares illustration, illustrated products, and whatever Sara finds visually appealing. In addition to blogging, she also enjoys collaborating and has planned projects like Sampler, a love letter to contemporary embroidery, and the Collage Scrap Exchange, which pairs collage artists around the world.

See more Sara here: www.saraebarnes.com

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